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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How long does it take for carpet to dry?

The Amount of time required for carpets to dry will vary depending on the particular indoor environment variables. Elements such as temperature, humidity and airflow are all fundamental to the drying process. The most important element when waiting for your carpet to dry is airflow. The concept is simple as long as the air is moving, the moisture is moving as well. Make sure to not trap moisture. Always leave windows or doors open enough to create a mini vortex in the room. Other considerations include not using a heater during the drying process. This is because as the moisture tries to evaporate it will go up and encounter the heated air, trapping the moisture. Because heat rises the moisture will hit the warm zone and condense, simply put, too much heat and not enough airflow will slow down dry times.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carpet Cleaning Services:
Value based companies Vs. Volume based companies

Why does it even matter?

There is a lot of white noise lately about who to hire when considering hiring a carpet cleaning professional. What is most important to you as a buyer? Each customer has their own set of prerequisites that they need full filled before they hire. Here is a list of the most common points of interest in no order:

Personal Customer Service
Type of Method Used
Types of Products 
Environmentally Friendly

It should be important to keep in mind when considering who to hire that all of these factors are thoroughly analyzed. If a company charges very little for their services you might wonder why? When the technician arrives at your house how much attention do they pay to what is important to you. Do they just rush to setting up and not get your approval on the details? When looking up this company online are their reviews outstanding? What kind of things do their customers say about them? Are they using modern and effective cleaning methods, does their equipment cut the bill? Has the technician explained the chemistry and the products as well as why they choose the products they use? Does your technician care about your environment? Will they be dumping toxic waste water in your roses? How long have they been in business? Are they certified? Then finally ask yourself, if someone full fills all of these prerequisites do they also care about my needs as a customer?

When looking for the right company, consider all of these factors, call around then call me. My name is Kyle Lewis, I am the owner / operator for "Extraction Plus Carpet & Upholstery Care" and I care about your needs.

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